Top Considerations When Choosing Patch Leads

Patch cables are electronic cables that allow data transmission between electronic devices. There are various kinds of patch cables in the market. These cables are now used in many industries. That has led to the modification of the patch leads to offer more varieties for the different sectors. A range of patch lead cables is created to suit the market demands. With the increased types of patch leads, you should know how to find the right one. The article lists what to consider when selecting the patch leads to use. 

Consider the Mode

There are two modes of the patch leads cables; single-mode or multimode. Single-mode cables use one glass fibre. Thus, they transmit one ray and are best for long distances. Single-mode cables get their power from high powered lasers. Thus, they can transfer data for longer distances compared to the multimode cables. Multimode wires, on the other hand, have large cores of about 50 microns. Their large cores allow them to collect more light than the single-mode cables. That way, they can send more signals. The multimode cables are ideal for short-distance transmission. 

Choose the Ideal Connector Type

The patch cable has connectors on both ends. Various connector types can be attached to these ends. Some of the connectors are LC, MU, FC and MTP. Fibre optic telecommunication is growing fast. That has led to the availability of various fibre connectors. Each type of connector plugs into a specific device. So, you should look at the ports of both machines to determine the connectors you will use. The devices can either have the same ports or different ports. You are sure to find a patch lead cable that meets your demand. 

Simplex Cable or Duplex Cable

The simplex cable has one strand of fibre and one connector on either end. The duplex cable has two fibre stands. It also has two connectors on its ends. The most common patch leads cable is the duplex cable. That is because most of the electronic devices need two wires for communication. One cable will transmit the data signals while the other one receives the signals. But, some applications will need the use of a single fibre cable. It is good to know which kind of cable is ideal for your application. 


Understanding the application of each kind of patch leads cable is vital. That will help you choose the ideal patch cable to buy. Consider the elements given above, and you are sure to get the best patch leads cable for you.